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Building the High Road

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First Industrial Park 94

Location: Somers, WI

Partners: First Industrial

Services: Value engineering, mass grading 250 acres, soil stabilization, sanitary, water, storm sewer, building excavation for 2 each 600,00 sft. buildings, basecourse, concrete curb, paving, landscaping, irrigation, and ongoing site maintenance.

This was a true design build project that challenged the Development and Construction team to work in a fast paced fluid environment.

Site grading started on August 10thand by November 20ththe first 600,000 sft. Building and arterial road was completed and paved.  Engineering and infield construction crews worked seamlessly to drive the project schedule and site adjustments.  Early in the preconstruction phases poor soil layers were identified that would have lead to substantial cost over runs and project delays if not identified early on and re engineered.  This is an example of proactive site management that leads to success for everyone involved.