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Our Services

  • Site Assessment
  • Constructability Studies
  • Preliminary Design/Budgeting
  • Project Timelines
  • Permitting
  • Value Engineering
  • Execution Plan
  • Integrated Project Schedule
  • Project Delivery
  • Excavation and Grading
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Utilities Installation
  • Road Construction and Development
  • Site Clearing and Site Work Services
  • Irrigation System Installation
  • Commercial Landscape Architecture/Design
  • Construction Contracting Services

Our Process

Plan The most important phase of a project is preconstruction planning. Good planning at the outset leads to higher quality construction, improved delivery times, increased profitability for owners, and long-term project success. Activities in this area include site assessments, construction and budget feasibility, preliminary schedules, site impacts, and owner preferences.

Design Reesman provides preliminary grading, sanitary, water, and storm designs. These services are often done in the conceptual stages to determine if the project under consideration is a good fit, and to establish financial feasibility, site visualization, and timing. Upon the owner’s decision to move forward, Reesman then works with the assigned civil engineer to bring the project to fruition.

Build The physical building of any project takes considerable resources, talent and knowledge. Generations of experience and specialized growth have put The Reesman Company in a position to meet customer needs by delivering large, complex projects on schedule and within budget.

Maintain Reesman is equipped to build your project from the ground up, and then add value by servicing all of your exterior maintenance needs. After all, who knows your new property better than the people who built it? Our maintenance services include irrigation, lawn care, horticultural needs, snow plowing, drainage, traffic control, pond maintenance, striping, patching work, and more.

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