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Prairie Crossing Subdivision

Location: Village of Caledonia, WI

Partners: Newport Development

Services: Preliminary site feasibility and budget, value engineering, mass grading 1 million cubic yards, sanitary, water, storm sewer, basecourse, curb and gutter, asphalt, concrete paving, and restoration.

A 160 acre – 300 lot subdivision.

Site challenges included:

  • Finding economical and buildable solutions to a large watershed complex that had to remain operational.
  • Average haul distance of the cut on site was 2,900 lf.Requiring extensive haul road and dust control operations.
  • Large pre-existing storm drainage systems required a multi-staged construction schedule.
  • This is the largest conservation green spaced development ever built in Caledonia. Various prairie grasses, specifications, and open space concepts were applied.
  • The timeline for the project required substantial man power and resources.