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When Your Outdoor Space Matters (Publication Article)

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This month we have a feature article in the Spirit of Geneva Lakes publication and very happy to be featured on the cover as well. Below is a full transcript of that article or click the link below to see the actual excerpt. To view the actual excerpt, click here.

The Reesman Company provides high-end design and construction

Summertime, is the season when more time is spent outdoors and this year most of that outdoor time is enjoyed in our own yard.

As a result, it’s not surprising that more homeowners are becoming particular about the look of their outdoor space. For many, it’s the perfect time to consider upgrades to their property.

As part of that process many area residents turn to The Reesman Company to achieve their final look.

For 50 years homeowners and business owners have depended on the Reesman Company, of Burlington, to help solve their landscape and structural problems.

The company, which was founded in 1970 by Mike and Greg Reesman with advice from their father Albert, focused on grading and underground utility construction.

By 1993 the next generation of the Reesman family made its way into the business and over the next 10 years, all of Mike and Greg’s children, JR, John, Chris, Eric, and Adam joined the company. They began their careers working in the field to learn the basics of construction and to develop the technical skills necessary to provide top quality work.

In 2012 Reesman Service Corporation was developed as one of the Reesman companies to focus on landscaping to better serve clients looking for complete landscaping and light construction projects. Today the company has consolidated its heavy construction, aggregate operations, and the landscaping division under the brand name of the Reesman Company.

A family company

“This is a family-owned and run company and we continue to provide services the way we were raised,” said company President Chris Reesman. “We always treat each project as if it were our own. We always provide the best quality work, always taking the high road as we were taught by our family.”

For many, the process of how to turn their property into the attractive oasis they envision for the enjoyment of their family and friends requires input from professionals who turn their thoughts into reality.

“We encourage homeowners to call us so we can work with them to turn their vision into a viable hardscape,” Chris Reesman said. “We return calls within 48 hours if possible and work to set up an initial appointment in about a week.”

During these challenging times, families look at the need for a more attractive and usable outdoor space, a place where families will gather. They also may have an overall vision for their entire property.

At the first meeting, the homeowner and the designer will discuss the vision for the design to help visualize the look the owner hopes to achieve. If the homeowner is not certain of the type of design that will work for them, the designer will offer suggestions and ideas to turn their thoughts into a viable plan.

The planning session will consider the type of landscape design desired and the possibility of achieving that design based on the size and the physical characteristics of the property. They will consider such aspects as whether there is a need to add drainage by redirecting water or to build retaining walls to keep erosion away.

To develop the landscape design, the designer will use a variety of tools, beginning with detailed sketches, CAD plans, and 3D images to create the possibilities for the project. When they review these plans with the homeowner input from the homeowner will help to refine the design.

Not just a simple patio

Today’s patio is no longer just a simple place to sit outside.  Today’s patio is an extension of the home and homeowners expect the same high-end features, quality and fine design reflected in their home’s indoor furnishings.

Materials popular for the patio are pavers and natural stones designed in a variety of patterns, replacing the wood decks and plain concrete patios of the past.

Where families were often satisfied with a simple patio, a cement sidewalk and driveway, and minimal plantings, today’s homeowner looks for a more finished and polished look for their property.

“Having a comprehensive plan allows families to work on their property in an organized way to achieve their goals,” said Reesman. “While working with us on designing a plan for say a patio, it may come out that there is basement flooding or a need to build retaining walls to protect the new patio. “

While building the patio is the homeowner’s desire it may make more sense to correct the basement leakage first.  If it is only feasible to complete one project at the time, homeowners are advised to postpone the patio until the budget allows for its completion, as the basement flooding will continue to cause more damage to the home.

“When we build comprehensive plans, we take into consideration our customers’ budget and work with them to determine the proper phasing of their project,” Reesman said. “Many of our customers spread their projects out over a period of time and we work with them on the most time-efficient and cost-efficient solutions.”

All factors considered

When it is time to work on the patio, there is much to consider. It is a family gathering area and may be composed of several different spaces in use for different members of the family and different times of the day. The designers keep in mind the desired use and how the sun affects it. Is there a need for a shaded space that can be created through the use of a pergola? Or is there a need for additional trees or shrubs for shade or privacy?

“Customers should consider the amount of maintenance desired,” Reesman said. “Do you want to be hands off with low-maintenance or do you have a green thumb and enjoy interacting with your space more? The Reesman Company can design something that works with your long-term desire.”

Throughout the Midwest, mosquitos are always a problem that interferes with outside time. Mosquito control sprays will help solve the problem but rather than adding chemicals, Reesman recommends adding air control fans.

“Keeping the air moving discourages the mosquitos from congregating.”

Adding special features turns the space from ordinary to extraordinary.  Adding a firepit for the family to gather around in the evening is a way to provide a special time for the family to enjoy the space and each other.

“The firepit is a favorite addition to the patio space. It becomes the social hub of the group meeting on the patio,” Reesman said. “It is the place where memories are made.”

While families often think of firepits for use in the evening when the beauty of the fire is enjoyed against the dark sky, daytime fires are also a special time to gather — especially on cool days when the warmth of the fire makes time outside more enjoyable.

Firepits are not the only amenities to consider adding to the patio area. Simple grills are now being replaced by large-scale outdoor kitchens. These kitchens and the firepits are professionally installed to ensure that they work properly and continue to add an upscale look to the space. As families gather to enjoy that special outdoor meal — whether it is a simple hamburger or bratwurst cooked outside, a high-end steak, or a more complex meal — it is the pleasure of being together out of doors that will be remembered.

Water features add beauty

Water features also add a relaxing ambiance to the space. Whether it is watching a beautiful water fountain, listening to the soft sounds of water rippling over stones, or enjoying a beautiful pond, water adds beauty and peace.

According to Reesman, water features are special but it is important to understand how they work and the amount of maintenance necessary to keep them in optimal operating conditions.

Replacing concrete driveways and sidewalks with decorative permeable pavers and adding new landscaping plants along the walkway is sure to change the look of the property. The permeable pavers provide for drainage and prevent water pooling. The pavers also add a decorative look as they can be arranged in designs using a variety of pavers and colors to compliment the look of the property.

“Pavers provide a very durable, long-lasting and low-maintenance option compared to concrete and blacktop alternatives,” Reesman said.

It is the combination of the hardscape combined with the look of the landscaping especially the trees, shrubs, lawn, and flowers that adds to the unique look of a property. When replacing or adding new plants and shrubbery, be certain that they are healthy, appropriate for the area, and top quality.

“Right now, there is a shortage of nursery stock due to the high demand this year,” said Reesman. “So some of the plants or shrubs you may desire may not be available now.”

Working with a single source

Whether it is a complete high-end landscape makeover or an upgrade, Reesman’s will engage the suppliers, order all necessary materials, and work to implement your plan as efficiently as possible. They will be there to assure that the finished product is as perfect as the design.

“With The Reesman Company you work with one source, no multiple companies and subcontractors,” Reesman said. “This provides our customers with a single contact and improves their customer experience throughout the process.”

“Our goal is not to be the biggest company in our field but to always provide the best service and quality work,” he added. “We take the high road and maintain high standards.”

The company is involved in the community. They have worked with local Eagle Scouts to help them complete their projects and in the process help them learn more about hardscaping and the development of beautiful spaces.

They also support several other local school fundraisers and other support needs, community sports and extra-curricular activities including the recent Wisconsin Livestock Expo, which many of the area’s local youth are involved with.

“We’re proud to be synonymous with improving our community and giving back locally,” Reesman said.

The Reesman Company is a full-scale landscape architect providing both industrial and home services. Their office is at 28815 Bushnell Rd, Burlington. They are available by phone at 262-539-2124. The company’s service area in southeastern Wisconsin stretches from the state line to Milwaukee on the north and as far west as Madison. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. See www.reesmans.com or on Facebook for additional information.


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